Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making Science Better - for them & for me!

So, I was doing my final school shopping on-line today and I found this:

It's the Apologia Physical Science Lab kit.  This is our 2nd year of doing Apologia Science.  I love how thorough it is while still being interesting.  There are several labs throughout each course, but, last year, we didn't do most of them as we were usually missing one or two of the required materials.  That's where this kit comes in.  My son is doing Physical Science this year and this kit includes almost all of the materials he will need for each experiment this coming year!  The beauty of it is, the materials are separated out by modules (chapters).  It takes the load of thinking, preparing, and running around to various stores off of me and allows my son to get the most out of his science curriculum.  I am thrilled.

I also bought a kit for my daughter's General Science course.  If I could afford it, I'd get the kits for my elementary students, as well.  Hmm...the year's young.  I could always wait till next month....

Check it out.  You can get the kits from CBD (like I did), Rainbow Resource Center, or directly from the people who do all of the work for us...Nature's Workshop Plus.  

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