Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Observations & Joys of Our First 2 Days


1.  It's a good thing to ask others to pray as we begin our school year.  I haven't been more terrified of a first day of school since....well...never!  But, I asked people to pray and many dear and true friends did.  I am so grateful to each of them for it is because of their prayers for me and my family that our first day went so smoothly.

2.  It's a good thing to lean on God.  I have reached the point where I truly realize that this is all God's deal.  I have six children in school this year with grade K-9.  I will fail miserably without God's help and I'm holding onto Him for dear life.

3. While I was terrified of our first day, Gloria was excited for her first day ever.  She still loves it. Ok, so it's her second day into 13 years, but....

4.  Long gone are the days of school being done by lunchtime.  School is taking about 6 hours.  On the up side, this makes me feel like they're getting a great education!

5. I have a lot of kids.  And, I have a lot in school.  And, I have a lot of grades to help teach.  K/1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 9.  The youngest is learning to read while the oldest is doing experiments on the kitchen table for Physical Science.  This all adds up to one thing....

6.  I'm no spring chicken.


1.  My son, the struggling learner, took his first science test today.  He made sure he got a head start in school this year, and he's been working diligently.  Anyway, he only got ONE answer wrong resulting in one of his best science test scores ever - a 93%!!!!!!!!  What a great way to start my morning!!!!  All the helps I got him are paying off!

2.  My 2 oldest are working together in math.  Today, they were trying to figure out a riddle/problem.  Mike was downstairs while Cassia was upstairs.  Just as he was beginning to say, "I GOT IT!" Cassia came bounding down the stairs exclaiming the same thing!  Smiles and a sense of accomplishment - THAT's what makes this mom happy.

3.  Yesterday, my husband said homeschooling is a thankless job. For once in his life, he was wrong.  Gloria, a few hours after finishing her first day of school, thanked me for doing school with her.  Make my heart melt, kid!

I'm exhausted, we're only 2 days in, but I'm less stressed and more excited about this year.  With the Lord's help (a lot of it!), we will succeed happily!

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