Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Massachusetts Night

It's been 2 months since I've posted here?  Good grief!

I must say, last year there seemed to be much more to post about as we had a special evening scheduled every few weeks at the end of a unit.  However, though I am using the same curriculum this year, there aren't as many special evenings planned as there are only 3 seperate "units" in our area of study this year.

We did, however, do a little something special a couple of weeks ago as the children had done some information gathering on the state of Massachusetts.  We had Boston Baked Beans for dinner (along with some chicken & biscuits) and Boston Cream Pie for dessert.  It was the first "pie" I had made and the first the children had eaten.  It was a hit!  The children read to us their papers about the Wampanoag Indians, who are indigenous to Massachusetts.  They also read aloud their journal entries for the week.  I had them write on each day of creation as that is what we are discussing in our church's Family School.

I will post a couple of pictures tomorrow.  Though the Massachusetts night was not in the planned curriculum, I am grateful to have set aside a special evening so "daddy" could get some insight into what the children have been doing.  He always enjoys that and the kids love being able to show off the fruits of their labors!  We will do another special evening again soon, I'm sure.