Friday, March 8, 2013

True Happiness

It's Friday!!!!

We homeschool only four days a week, which leaves Fridays open for co-op every other week, field trips, and other appointments or fun things.  Today, I'm sort of lying low for a few hours before giving a bridal shower tonight.  My girls and I were over at the church for several hours yesterday and last night setting up, so it's nice to have a little time to breathe.

Giving a bridal shower takes quite a bit of time.  I am realizing why bridesmaids are usually single ladies!  While I am glad to have an opportunity to bless my dear friend in this way, I have spent an inordinate amount of time away from my family this week.  Shopping, planning, decorating, and, finally, the actual party tonight.  While I was able to have 3 of my girls with me last night and all four of my girls will be in attendance this evening, I haven't tucked my boys into bed for 3 nights nor will I tonight.

In years past, school would have been put on the back burner as the children were younger and had to go with me everywhere.  Not to mention, they needed me in order to accomplish most of their school-work.  However, as they are able to stay at home without me and most of their work is independent, I am glad to say we are not far behind in any subjects due to my absence this week.  Also, I tried hard to make sure most of my errands and projects were scheduled for the afternoon when I knew school would be over.

While I like flexibility in our school days, to some degree, and realize that other experiences can teach my children valuable lessons beyond the books, when it comes to MY extra-curricular events, I try to make sure they don't interfere with my children's education.

This week, I received an education, as well....I found that I am truly happiest at home with my children.   I hate coming home at the end of a long day and realizing that I have no idea what they've been up to.  They do well, for the most part, as they know that this is just a season.  They receive my time and attention more days than not, so they are secure in my love for them, though they are often sad to find out that I will be absent for hours and not home to say, "good-night."

Right now,  I have the two youngest playing on the floor beside me, my oldest studying Google-Earth at the desk across the room, 3 kids playing a game at the kitchen table, and one who just left the house to go tend to the animals for a bit, but then she'll return.  All my babies in their nest...with their mother.