Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We're studying the Renaissance and are getting a bit of a European tour in the process. We are loving it - especially trying some of the yummy foods!

Today, we stopped over in Switzerland. I never knew that Fondu originated in that European country. The word fondu apparently comes from a French verb meaning "to melt." Usually, as they are a big dairy country, cheese is the melted delicacy of choice. However, they are known for another favorite food group...


So, guess what our afternoon project was. Oh yeah!!! Chocolate/peanut butter fondu in which we dipped and smothered strawberries, bananas, and marshmallows.

Can you say "OUTSTANDING"?!!!

The best part - the kids won't be hungry for supper meaning I can get away with serving left-overs!:)

Oh - in case you want the recipe:

6 oz semi-sweet chocolate
1/2 C. sugar
1/2 C. milk
1/2 C. peanut butter

Mix chocoate, sugar, and milk and microwave until chocolate melts (watch carefully so chocolate doesn't burn). Add the peanut butter and blend. Pour into fondu pot. Skewer fruits, etc., dip, and enjoy!!

Next stop - France. I see dessert crepes in the menu!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Quick Summary of the Last Couple of Months!

It's been forever!! No we haven't decided to send our kids to public school. Or private, for that matter. Though, we've thought about it at times.:)

We've just been crazy busy. And having fun.

We finished Rome ages ago and completed the Middle Ages a couple of weeks ago. LOVED our end of unit feast. We ate roast chicken, rolls, salad with herbs and fruit tarts. YUM!! We were entertained by minstrels, jesters, a couple of miracle plays, and the readings of poems and essays done throughout the unit.

Can I just say how I LOVE my husband for his participation in our craziness? These feasts are a ton of work, but we both agreed that our kids learn so much from the "doing" part of school. Eric is a huge encourager and it helps the children look forward to surprising daddy with all of our festivities.

We are now studying The Renaissance & the Reformation. I am looking forward to giving my children a closer look at some of the true heroes of the faith. We are studying astronomy for science and we are all looking forward to a visit to the planetarium & science museum in a couple of weeks.

The food is awesome in this unit. We learned about Italy last week and enjoyed a wonderful Italian meal. Not to mention we discussed that sardines were first caught off the coast of Sardinia - so, of course we had a bit of a treat that day as we delved into a can of sardines. YUM! (well, the kids loved it, anyway). That same day, we discussed the Milky Way in science. What better way to make it memorable than by washing those sardines down with Milky Way bars?

Today, we studied Germany. Dinner was bratwurst, sauerkraut, potatoes, salad, and a delicious Black Forest Cake for dessert. Who knew that Germany has the Black Forest region which is known for its cherries? I love that I am learning right along with my kids!

On top of all this fun school at home, we have been busy with our homeschool co-op. This was our first year and we've loved it! Our last day of classes is this Thursday and it will be followed by a curriculum fair and a presentation about our co-op. We are very much looking forward to that.

I have also been taking kids to the library for book discussion groups 3 Thursdays/month. The girls go to an American Girls group while Mike, Katrina, and Seth go to groups appropriate for their age groups. We have loved being a part of these groups.

FYI - I do preview the books my kids are assigned before they read. This month, I have had to turn down 2 of the books. The wonderful thing is, the kids are still allowed to take part in the group. Their part of the discussion is just why they didn't read the book. I hope they don't just say, "because my mom wouldn't let me." They have an opportunity to be a witness. Please pray that they will politely tell the truth with conviction. What a great education!

It is late and this mom has much more to do. So glad to stopped by. I hope to talk with you again real soon!