Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Are We Done, Yet?

Anyone else ready for the end of school?  I feel like we're just biding our time.  I seriously think we have just about everything done.  Are we really that on the ball or am I missing something?  I'm definitely missing my motivation!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Human Calculator

In my last post, I talked a bit about the "Human Calculator."  Whereas my kids LOVED the Duggars, my husband LOVED this guy!  I didn't go to his workshops, but I did see this video.  The guy is amazing.  Take about 8 1/2 minutes and watch.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The MidWest Homeschool Convention 2011

Above is a photograph (curtesy of my husband) of just a portion of the exhibit hall at the MidWest Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio which took place March 31-April 2.  This was our first year attending this event and we definitely plan on going again next year.  There were amazing speakers and I could have spent a whole day in the exhibit hall.  My only complaint was that I was constantly choosing between awesome workshops and disecting curriculum!!

We were introduced to a fabulous new Math curriculum.  Mathletics (www.mathletics.com or http://blog.mathletics.com)  is a wonderful on-line tool where the kids play games, answer questions, parents can print workbooks, and keep track of their children's progress.  Though non-Christian, I enjoy the way they teach concepts and I love how my kids WANTED to play the games while we had the free trial.  Seriously - let them compete live against other kids from around the world to see who calculates equations the fastest and they were happy.  Me?  I was staring in disbelief.  Really thinking that's the route we will be taking with them this next year (maybe sooner).  Their spokesperson is known as "the Human Calculator" and is the world record holder in mental calculations.  My husband went to both of his workshops and made sure our children were there to see him.  They all thought it was the coolest thing!

I also discovered Learning Language Arts through Literature and Easy Grammar.  I will be using these books for our English next year.  I love how LLATL is much like FIAR as far as using one book all week to teach various English concepts.  Their grammar isn't strong enough for my liking, which is why I added Easy Grammar.  I really like the concept of teaching prepositions first and teaching important grammar skills without overkill.

The plan was not to buy anything on Friday (convention began Thurs, but that was our travel day) - just check out what we wanted.  So, Saturday was the day to buy...and that didn't happen until the last 45 minutes the hall was open!!  Frantic, but tons of fun!

I'm waving up at my hubby. I smile when I'm shopping....for books!

Meeting the Duggar family was a huge deal for my kids.  At first, I was not real comfortable with the excitement of "Duggar-sightings" but I realized that all kids will have heros and I am very grateful that theirs are godly.

On Sunday, we headed over to the Creation Museum.  I'll be posting a little of that in a few days.  All in all, a great weekend!!