Monday, August 15, 2011

The First Day of School - Delayed

So, I was going to begin school today, until I looked at the calendar late last week.  Turns out, my son had an eye exam scheduled for this morning.  10:15.  Prime time for school.  Who wants to break up the day and mess up the schedule on the very first day?  UGH!

Today, I took my 4 year old to his exam and then went grocery shopping.  Just he and I.  I figure that, as he is the only one not in school this year, he'll start getting less attention once school begins.  It was good to have him all to myself for a few hours - though I found that if he had been our first child, I probably would have been to exhausted to have had any more!!!

Once I got home, I started a spontaneous meal-prep session. I got 4 meals prepared and, tomorrow, I'll prep for at least 2 more.  This should make dinner-time a lot easier these next couple of weeks.  I'm hoping to continue this throughout the year.  I usually make a weekly menu in order to avoid the stressful, last-minute decisions after a long school day.  But, if I can actually get the entire dinner made ahead of time, or even just the majority of the prep-work, life will be even easier...and I'll have more time in the afternoon to get other things accomplished, whether it be chores or rest!

So, tomorrow is our official first day of the school year!  Pray for us!

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Tisa Damron said...

Wow! You are really organized! I plan my meals the night before! Happy schooling. We are on week three!