Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Learning - Pea Harvest 2011

Yesterday, the pea combines were in our fields harvesting the peas.  This is always a highlight here on the farm.  The kids & I, along with my niece & nephew, walked over and enjoyed our donut-breakfast while watching the large machines do their thing.

While my husband plants and cares for the peas, he grows them for a particular company and they are the people who decide when to harvest and who does the harvesting.  I'm not even sure if my husband was in the field at all yesterday.

Here is a short video of the happenings with a bit of commentary by yours truly.  It's definitely something you don't see everyday and your children may learn a little more about where their produce comes from.  Put it towards Ag. Ed.  Enjoy!!  

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majellamom said...

Love the video! My girls and I love to watch the corn and wheat harvests around here, but we don't have anything as exotic as peas! ;) I agree that passing combines is awful. Last year on my way to our homeschool conference, I ended up having to pass 6 combines all traveling together. It took me almost 40 miles to get past all of them!