Monday, June 27, 2011


This past week, we finished getting our class list and schedule together for our homeschool co-op at  our church.  In many ways, it is hard to believe that we are going into our 4th year of H.O.P.E. (Helping Our Parents Educate) and each year I am so excited about the classes that we are able to offer.  

There are two main things that make our co-op a bit different than most.  As co-ops usually do, we have classes that are taught by the parents of the students;  however, we are blessed that several of our teachers are actually fairly recent homeschool graduates who are enthusiastically willing to share their time and knowledge with those younger than they.  We are also blessed in the fact that our co-op has several men involved, which I have noticed helps keep the kids under control without using any sort of disciplinary measures.  What a blessing it is to have young people and men involved in something that most in this world aren't even remotely interested in.

Though our co-op is "closed" - meaning, it only is available to members of our church - I'll list the classes we are offering this year.  Maybe there's someone out there who is thinking about beginning a co-op or needs some ideas for a group this upcoming year.  If so, maybe this list will help you.  Other than that, I'm just so excited about them, I want to share!  :)

2&3 year old classes include:  
Bible/Music - Bible stories and time of singing Sunday school and other popular children songs.  
Physical Education
Lunch/Listening Skills - children will practice listening skills through various activities during their lunch time.

K4-1st grade classes:
Phys. Ed.
Lunch/Listening Skills (combined with the 2&3 year olds)
Introduction to Music - children will be introduced to various music styles and musical instruments

2&4th grade classes:
World Geography - learning about the continents and major landmarks and countries on those continents.  Several guest speakers will come throughout the year who have lived in or visited various countries and share their experiences and observations.  Map work.
Sign Language - a dvd class mediated by a teacher who knows ASL
Phys. Ed.
Lunch/Missionary Letter Writing - children will learn to perfect their letter writing skills in a class where they will learn about various missionary families our church supports and write letters to them.

5th-8th grade classes
World Geography (see previous description) OR Sign Language (see previous description)
Home Ec. - children will learn to prepare and cook various meals (1st semester
Woodworking - children will learn various types of wood-types and complete a variety of small projects (1st semester)
Photography - students will learn the functions of the settings on their cameras, the importance of lighting, and composition of a photograph
Phys. Ed.
Art (1st semester) - most likely, chalk drawings!
Skit Performance (2nd semester) - children will learn the art of preparing, practicing, and preforming a skit.  Great for building public speaking skills!

9th-12th grade classes:
Mathematics Overview - students will review various math concepts in order to gain the mastery of skills they will need throughout their lives
Missionary Biographies - we will be using an ACE program in a classroom setting for students to read about, discuss, and answer questions about some great heroes of the faith.  Current missionaries will also be guest speakers
US History from a Christian  Perspective - students will learn the incredible history of our country and how it affects and pertains to current events
Chamber Orchestra - a great class taught by a godly & accomplished musician that will challenge our instrumentalists to further their skills
Phys. Ed. - Volleyball!
Home Ec. - the young ladies will learn to can & freeze various jams, fruits, and vegies.  They will get to take home what they canned that day (1st semester)
Small Engine Repair - young men will learn to identify the parts of a small engine and their functions.  Safety in working with small engines will also be taught. (1st semester)
Photography - (see previous description - 2nd semester)

I am excited about another year and look forward to meeting every other week with families I have come to know better and love more!

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