Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Political Science?

Tonight, I overheard my husband explaining Beta Radioactive Decay to our 14-year old son.  Obviously (or not), this has to do with the parts of an atom - the neutron losing the electron and keeping only the proton.  This is how he explained it:

The neutron is a Moderate.  It really doesn't know where it stands so has both a proton & an electron. It's kind of wishy-washy.   The protons are positive, and are otherwise known as the Republican party.  The electrons are negative and are known as the Democrat party.  The neutron kicks out the electron and keeps the proton.  In other words, the Moderate decides to get rid of the sin in his life (the negativity) & kicks out the Democrat (electron).  He now gets right and becomes a Republican (proton).

Political Science at its best.

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