Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cost of Education

A little while ago this morning, I was listening to the radio.  There was a conversation taking place about the cost of education in our area.  I always think about that this time of year as I am planning and purchasing my curriculum for my 5 full-time students.  The average cost PER STUDENT in our area is $15,000.00.  Let me say that again - 15 THOUSAND dollars.  Per student.  Per year.


I realize that there are bills to pay for each school building.  I realize that the salaries of the teachers are included.  I realize that there are insurance, food, and many other costs included in these figures - not just books.  But, for heaven's sake.  $15,000.00?  Some quick calculations on my part tells me that with those figures, it should be costing my husband and I about $75,000.00 to teach our 5 children each year - and that's only figuring about 8-10 hours worth of their care, five days a week for 9 months a year.  I can tell you, I am pretty certain we don't spend $15,000/child/year in our home - period.  We not only school them, but house them, clothe them, meet their health care needs, feed them 3 good meals a day, entertain them, and the list goes on.  And, we pay school taxes.

So, I ask you - where is this $15,000.00 per student going?  Because, on my paper, it's just not adding up.

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Blu-I'd-Blonde said...

I agree! Administrative costs outstrip teacher/student expenses. It's outrageous. Oh, I'm just getting started.