Monday, November 23, 2009

Question for You

I need some help. 

We are beginning the busy holiday season.  As most homeschool families have experienced, the daily schedule seems to get as mixed up as a box of Christmas lights this time of year.  I know the obvious solution is to not over-scheudule ourselves.  However, that often means turning down ministry opportunities, which can be more valuable than book lessons. 

I live in a state that requires quarterly reporting.  I know my kids are learning even on the days where their "formal lessons" are not possible, but try explaining that to the superintendant.  So, my question is:

How do you accomplish "real school" in the midst of many busy days of "real life"?

Please leave your suggestions in the comments.  I would appreciate it so very much!


AmyLin said...

I will be checking responses to your question...because I've been asking myself the same thing!!!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

Being on the mission field is a mixed blessing as far as homeschooling goes--it is very easy for us to stay on course because we don't have any distractions for the most part. We are actually ahead of schedule. I probably don't take enough "practical" learning days. But on the other hand, we live in a country where homeschooling is looked down on (it is where the US was 30 years ago) so I have to be careful to keep the girls in and doing their studies.
As far as your question, I don't think there are any easy answers. Try to eliminate as many distractions as possible, but don't beat up on yourself when they do, but we need to be responsible and diligent so we as homeschoolers have a good testimony. As far as ministry opportunities, even the public schools emphasize the need for public service--so they should see that as a positive thing.

Sarah said...

I was thinking it might depend on what the "ministry opportunities" are....
We don't do lots of programs or activities. We do try to live out our family faith through meeting the needs of people around us. That takes a family effort and is real life. It blends with our life learning.
I have more ideas, but that's enough for now! haha
Not a easy answer other than pray that the Spirit will direct you towards what is best for your family this season!

Carolee's Corner Canary Islands said...

As I was giving your question more thought, I realized that most of what I learned in life occurred outside the walls of the public school. Of course the basics, like reading, spelling, and math are necessary--but the things that stayed with me the most are the things I did on a daily basis at home, such as working in my family's floral business after school (math skills, running a cash register, and everything that goes on with dealing with customers)and music--playing in the school band, playing for church, singing with the choir--that enriched my life and is something you continue to enjoy as you grow older in life. I think we forget how much wasted time there is in a "traditional school" as well. When I taught in a Christian school we were always having classroom time taken away from us in the form of assemblies, special functions, holiday parties, etc.Not to mention that I was constantly using time to discipline, quiet the class, take attendance, collect homework, etc. I never finished the entire textbook in a year--you have to concentrate on the most important material.