Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Bible

So, we were at a used curriculum sale the other night and my daughter's were frequenting the ever-popular "free table." My 8 year old came back to me very excited.

"Mom, I've needed a new Bible and this was on the free table!!"

I looked at the compact-sized Bible and read the front: New American Bible.

Hmm...New. American. Bible. Yep, everything she was looking for.

Well, sort of.

For those of you who don't know, we are KJV-only users. Not only was this Bible not KJV, it wasn't even our "religion."

She found the Catholic Bible. On the free table. Macabees, Judith, the works.

So, what would you do? I must admit, I originally explained to her what it was and sent her to put it back on the table.

Then, I called her back. We're keeping it.

Why? What better education than to actually see the holy book of another's religion? What better way to really learn the differences in our beliefs than to have it right in front of you? We are firm believers in preparing our children to have an answer for every man and this is a great way to help them.

I must say, that "Bible" may have been the best find at the sale!

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Joyful Help Meet At Home said...

I completely agree. This way she can also see all the changes that are made. We did this recently with an NASV and NIV. Interesting how they change the words "to make it easier to understand" but select words that few people know the meaning of.