Wednesday, May 25, 2011

After School

I saw a young man last night who will be graduating next year. When I asked him what he will be doing after he graduates he said that he didn't know.

This is a very fine young man, yet his answer concerns me. I remember hearing such answers from my own high school friends many years ago. Having set my own goals when I was in elementary school, I've never understood the I-don't-know-mentality.

I have a son who is entering 9th grade in the fall. Before I know it, he will be graduating. When someone asks him what he will be doing, I hope he will have an answer.

My son has goals and dreams. I am more determined than ever to find the best ways of guiding him in reaching those goals. He wants to be a missionary to Germany and has a desire to learn the language. I guess I better find a good program for him to do that. Oh, I know he may change his mind, but whatever he learns now will only benefit him in his future.

I also realize that my son needs to learn a trade or develop a marketable skill in order to earn decent money while he attends Bible Institute and prepares for his own family. I fear too many homeschoolers are following worthy goals while neglecting the training needed to attain those goals. My question is what skill ought my son learn? He needs to do something he has a knack for. He his a huge Civil War & American history buff. We are currently praying about him becoming a summer intern at the Manasses Battlefield when he turns 16. However, today I am thinking he should begin doing something in that area now - maybe volunteer at a local living history museum. Increasing his history knowledge and natural people skills may help him financially in the future while he strives to achieve his lifetime goal.

Just some thoughts. Do your children have a post-graduation plan? Are they doing things now to help that happen? Are you guiding and supporting them? The goal of homeschooling is not graduation. It is the means to get our children to be godly and productive adults able to fulfill the task to which God calls them.

- Vicki


Jay and Michelle said...

You're exactly right in wanting him to learn a trade to support himself (an maybe a family!) if he goes to Bible college/insititute. We were so thankful when Jay was in seminary that he had training as a respirtory therapist. He could work part-time and still earn good money. I worked as well, but we didn;t have kids yet. It was so hard to see men take years to finish or not finish at all (!) because they had no way to support their fam ly except through nighttime factory work (in which case they had enough money but went to school during the day and never saw their chilren).

Sarah said...

Sounds like you are on the right track!! Same things we are doing with our kids...with 3 teenagers right now, it's neat to see their personalities come out as we explore their spiritual gifts and talents/skills towards adulthood!
Keep moving forward in that direction!!

Dave said...
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Dave said...

Having dealt with folks int he military that are away from mom and dad for the first time....

I think that there are a lot of people out there in the world that don't know how to set goals, and consequently don't ever learn how to plan.

Sometimes teaching kids about bills (especially car/car insurance) helps out a lot I have learned...cause that teaches young folks what it takes to have the nice house/car etc.

Having said that...sometimes not having a plan is a good plan...

Or perhaps better said "I don't know what will happen, but I sure will find out..." works. As long as one is willing to learn from potential failure.

I've seen it work both ways...but rarely will fate favor someone who doesn't know how to plan...

So that's directly from Dave 1:1...just for you :)