Thursday, December 2, 2010

Snow Day

One of the negative consequences of homeschooling is the fact that my kids miss out on the ever-anticipated "snow days" in the school system.  Growing up, I loved listening to the radio on a snowy morning to find out if there were any closings.  When they started reading the list, I'd sit down and listen very carefully and jump for joy when my school was named.  Fact is, I still listen to that list for the name of my alma mater! 

A few years ago, I began to give my children a modified version of the Snow Day.  The first good snowfall resulting in most of the ground being covered with snow gives us a reason to take a bit of a break.  In recent years, the snow has come at night and we've been surprised with both the winter wonderland and the treat of a snow day.  This year, however, the accumulation didn't begin until late morning when school was already well underway.  That was yesterday.  So, the plan was that if the snow stuck around (ha ha) until today, we would have our day off. 

So, as the snow is still here, the children have been throwing snowballs, making snow angels & snowmen, and sliding down the hill with their sleds.  They've warmed up with cups of hot chocolate accompanied by a peanut butter cookie.  I had the time to make mac & cheese (a favorite around here) for lunch, as well.  Most of them are inside now playing quietly, reading books, or making Christmas presents while one of them is outside helping her daddy. 

You know what?  I still love snow days!


Sarah...the Momma! said...

Oh, what fun, Vicki!!!
There was no such thing as a snow day for us growing this is all new to my kids now! hahaha
We have had a lot of snow lately, so they sled & play outside in the afternoons. The outdoor rink should be ready soon (close to our house) and the ice skates will come on & off they'll go!
Glad that you guys can enjoy the snow...even when homeschooling! haha

Marguerite said...

We had fog days when we were in school - there were days when the fog was so heavy the buses couldn't run. More often they were just delayed an hour or two. There are neither fog days nor snow days down here! Have fun!