Thursday, November 4, 2010

Not for the Easily Nauseated

Tuesday's science lesson with Katrina involved dung beetles, flies, & maggots.  You think I'm kidding.  Seriously, a whole 3 paragraphs on the dung beetle.  Do you know there are parts of this world where people will special order dung beetles to help clean up the excess...well, you their areas?

Then there was the interesting tidbit about flies vs. cockroaches.  Did you know that one fly landing on one part of a slice of bread will leave more bacteria behind (and, yes, they did inform us from where!) than a whole troop of cockroaches marching over the same slice of bread?  I live on a farm, people.  This is NOT what I need to know!

And, what about those maggots?  I finally learned how dogs and  cats go about getting worms.  Worms, which, apparently like to feast on Rover & Fluffy's insides.

I need to learn to do science AFTER lunch.  Way after lunch.

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