Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Understanding my Children

In sitting with my children helping them do their schoolwork, I have come to a deeper understanding of them and their struggles.  In spending hours sitting with each precious child day in and day out, I have come to a poignant conclusion:

The reason my children often SEEM brainless is because the ARE!  It is no fault of theirs, but their school books have the power to deplete the majority of their brain cells during the course of the morning.

How did I come to such a profound conclusion?  Because by the time the morning is over, MY brain cells have been severely reduced by textbooks on 5 different grade levels.  By 2:00 in the afternoon, there is nothing left of me than a mere shell of a human being.

Brain cells DO grow back.  I know this because I have a fully-functioning brain by 7:00 every morning.  I enjoy them the few hours they actually last.

Here's hoping your brain cells remain plentiful always...

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