Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Fantastic Opportunity

My husband, myself, and five of our children recently returned from a whirlwind tour through history.  Most of our time was spent in Southern Virginia - more specifically, Williamsburg.  We spent one day at the Jamestown Settlement where the America we know today began, one day in Yorktown where the Revolutionary War ended, and two days in lovely and historic Colonial Williamsburg.  For the seven of us to tour Colonial Williamsburg for 2 days this time of year, it would cost us $207 - and that's the "special" rate.  However, a special opportunity just for homeschoolers is extended twice a year - one week in September and one in March.  With this deal, the seven of us had a 5 day pass for a whopping total of - ready? - $77!!!  I could have bought the 2-day pass for just $8/person, but at the time of purchase, I wasn't exactly sure of our schedule.  Jamestown and Yorktown also offer a combined pass to both sites for $10.95/person for the entire week.  This includes the guided tours, full access to the museums, and special classes offered to the students. 

I would highly recommend any homeschool family to take advantage of these offers - especially if the number of children you have limits where you can go on vacation.  This was our first family vacation in three years and I am so grateful to the historic sites in Virginia for making it possible for us to have such a memorable time together! Each of the three areas had wonderful interpreters and there were many hands-on activities to make history truly come alive for my children. The ages of the children we took were 6-12 years old.  Each of them had something they loved.  We didn't take our 2 & 4 year old as we were sure they wouldn't be able to keep us with all the walking and would become bored (we all have been around bored and tired toddlers - not "happy-family-memory" material!).  We were glad we made that decision and they were happy with Grandma!

Check the offers out at the following sites:  Colonial Williamsburg (they are still showing the Spring Program, but I know they will be offering their Fall Program in September for the same price) and Jamestown/Yorktown (their Spring info is still up as well, but they mention the Fall program).  Let me know if you are seriously considering taking this trip or let me know if you've gone already.  Tell me what you think!

I am logging our trip over at my other blog, Love & Rewards.  If you care to read more about our time there and see pictures, feel free to stop by. 

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