Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ask Mr. Bear

If you don't already use Five in a Row, or even if you do, you must be sure to read "Ask Mr. Bear" to your little ones! I have been reading this classic to my 3, 4, and 6 year olds during the past few days and they are loving it just as much as their older brother did when he was their age.

The story is about a little boy named Dannywho is trying to find something to give his mother for her birthday. He sets out for ideas and asks each of the farm animals if they have something they could give for the occassion. The hen has an egg, the goose has feathers for a pillow, etc., but the boy's mother already has all these things. In the end, Mr. Bear whispers a great birthday gift idea into Danny's ear.

Anyway, you have to read the book. A large part of the fun comes AFTER you read. My children and I have re-enacted parts of the book a few times. For instance, the guessing session Danny has with his mother towards the end. Also, Danny hops, skips, gallops, etc., throughout the book and we have hopped, skipped, and galloped, throughout our house as well! Yesterday, we went in search of all the items suggested to Danny from the animals. That was huge fun. When it came to the milk and cheese, we had a little snack. Of course, we ended that session the same way we complete our reading of the book - with a great big birthday bear hug!!!!

Last night, as I read the book, I changed all the gift ideas from the animals. Seth and Gloria tried to "remind" me what the correct idea was as they giggled. I made a "mistake" at the end of the book and said that he gave his mother a birthday tickling which I proceeded to give to them. Through absolute fits of laughter, they were able to "correct" me again!

We have had so much fun with "Ask Mr. Bear"!


Christine said...

My library has Before Five in a Row. I have always wanted to see Five in a Row. When family members want to know what we want for Christmas, I often give them a list of the Five in a Row books. Websites like homeschool share have so many fun activities, lapbooks, etc., for using these books. Isn't learning "outside of the box" so much fun? Blessings!

the reynolds said...

Thanks for the reccomendation! We are avid Five in a Row fans here, but I have not heard of this book. Guess I'll check it out at the library.

Good idea too, to request FIAR titles for Christmas....

the reynolds said...

Oops! I can spell recommendation!